IVR services

These services refer to the interactive voice platform used for answering calls initiated to value-added services numbers. It has been used very successfully in TV shows “Quiz, voting and live chat”.

Our platform is a proven IVR platform that delivers the reliability and flexibility required by the most demanding IVR applications.

We can deliver you any custom made service such as Trivia Skill, Call and Win, Call forwarding, Multimedia Content Delivery, Mobile Payment, Chatting and much more.

This is the right time for you to start with us increasing your revenues by taking advantage of our IPRN solutions and hosting your IVR services on our platform.

PREFERRED TELEMEDIA offer you the below features with best quality & performance:

  • Inbound Services
    • Call and Win
    • Trivia applications
    • Voting
    • Voice Chatting
  • Outbound Services
    • Call routing
    • Call Forwarding