Preferred Telemedia is a leading provider of international premium rate numbers (IPRN), premium call numbers, payout numbers and wholesale terminations.

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Preferred Telemedia is a leading Voice over IP Solution (VoIP Solution) Provider and System Integrator.It is dedicated to delivering Customer Management and Billing Solutions for entrepreneurs, carriers, VoIP Calling Card Operators and Corporate companies based on VoIP. It provides services like VoIP Termination, Wholesale Termination, VoIP Reseller, Callshop Reseller and A-Z Termination, All kind of VoIP Solution. We offer International Voice Termination Services through our Points of Presence in Middle East and USA. We are directly interconnected with all the major voice and data carriers worldwide including North America and South America for Tier-1 VoIP termination. Our extensive VoIP network spans across more than 250 countries through VoIP Tier-1 Providers. We carry millions of minutes for long distance carriers, mobile carriers, local access carriers and prepaid service providers over our network on VoIP. Preferred Telemedia has many years of experience in VoIP Solution into both, VoIP wholesale and VoIP retail Phone to Phone and PC to Phone services. Preferred Telemedia has enabled a lot of Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) and Entrepreneurs with tools to deploy and run various kinds of solutions like VoIP wholesale, VoIP calling cards and VoIP termination. Preferred Telemedia stands apart from competition as it offers real and fully integrated Turnkey VoIP Solutions, which is bundled with Cisco and Quintum Hardware, Technical Support and Carrier Services. It is a one-stop solution for all. We only use White CLI routes to terminate our minutes from Tier-1 VoIP providers. The Systems by Preferred Telemedia are modular, scalable and flexible. They give customers the opportunity to customize VoIP solutions for their specific needs and help them minimize the risks of entering a new unknown VoIP market by providing security, technical support and a reliable VoIP billing platform.

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Preferred Telemedia services facilitate businesses and individuals across the world to substantially reduce their International Call Costs through VoIP. At Preferred Telemedia, we fully understand your business and know how important it is for you and your clients to get support when you most need it. Preferred Telemedia Solutions benefits are based on its economic cost of deployment, maintenance and rapid return of investment in only a few months. Preferred Telemedia has full comprehension of all VoIP business models allowing our customers to offer specially customized intelligent VoIP billings features and customer management systems tailored to their business requirements so you they can take the most of the growing VoIP Industry. Preferred Telemedia employs the most advanced technologies to provide high quality services in the areas of VoIP Termination, Wholesale Termination, VoIP Reseller and A-Z Termination. A team of experienced and committed professionals ensures that the service is satisfactory and impeccable. We also make sure that the service available to all our clients is round the clock and accessible easily. The equipment used by us is backed 24/7 by our on-site monitoring and reporting, with automatic electricity outage and fire protection, which guarantees uninterrupted functioning of VoIP business. VoIP Solution Partners Preferred Telemedia is a certified VoIP service partner of Micro United - Grandstream, Quintum. Quintum is a multiple award-winning VoIP provider of risk-free VoIP hardware. The entire range of Preferred Telemedia's innovative solutions is fully compatible with Cisco, Linksys, Sipura and Quantim's line of reliable VoIP Gateways. In addition, the VoIP sales and VoIP technical team at Preferred Telemedia is equipped with Engineers, specifically trained by for the VoIP Installation and VoIP Service Support of such Internet Telephony products. They possess the requisite knowledge about the products and also engage in Pre and Post Sale Support.


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Wholesale is an integral part of the international communications sectors.

Wholesale VoIP is a service, which is provided by wholesale carriers to other service providers and deals with start ups and extensions to their networks.


A value-added service (VAS) is a popular telecommunications industry term for non-core services, or, in short, all services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions.

However, it can be used in any service industry, to promote their primary business

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What are international premium rate numbers?

International premium numbers are used to run a variety of services such as live chat, recorded chat, dating services, informational, educational and conferencing services. The premium numbers work by paying a rate for every minute of traffic that is received to them.

Do I have to pay to sign up?

To sign up is free. We pay you for minutes delivered to the numbers allocated to you but you will never have to pay us. A tip for you is that no international premium rate numbers provider should charge you to open an account.

Who can register for your premium rate number services?

We welcome anybody who can generate traffic (calls) to international premium rate numbers to sign up. We welcome all customers from any country to become our partners.

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